Matthew Arnold, creator-showrunner of NBC‘s upcoming summer drama series Siberia, has signed with ICM Partners. He didn’t have an agent. Siberia, which premieres July 1, is about a group of contestants who think they are competing in a reality show until the things go horribly wrong and they are left abandoned by the crew in a mysterious, supernatural wilderness. Arnold conceived of the series and wrote the bible before teaming with Michael Ohoven of Infinity Films to finance the first season independently. Ohoven and Sierra/Engine, which came in as a distributor, took the series to MIPCOM in April and then sold it to NBC. Arnold wrote and directed the pilot and the season finale. He also co-wrote three additional episodes and directed a total of 7 episodes of the 13-epispde first season. Arnold, who is also repped by David Engel at Circle Of Confusion and Jen Levy, recently wrote and directed the supernatural thriller feature Shadow People.