UPDATE, FRIDAY PM: The producers of Hell On Wheels just made the call: The AMC series has started its hiatus, originally planned to begin next Thursday.The decision came after the set of the show got flooded by rising waters in the Calgary area. (Here is a picture of the set posted by Hell On Wheels star Anson Mount.) U.S. cast and crew are in the process of flying home from Calgary, which is under water following torrential mountain rains and is bracing for more flooding. The natural disaster has claimed its first victims as two bodies were recovered in the city of High River.

PREVIOUS THURSDAY 7:40 PM: An epic rainstorm that has forced mandatory evacuations in many riverside Calgary communities in Canada also is threatening the set of AMC‘s period Western drama Hell On Wheels, which films there. The set of the show is located near the Bow and Highwood rivers, both of which have breached their banks. Facing rising waters, I’ve learned that the producers today made the decision to evacuate the set, with the crew and equipment moved to higher ground. Production was stopped in the middle of shooting episode 306. For now, the stoppage is planned for two days but there is discussion to possibly restart filming after the show’s scheduled hiatus, which begins next Thursday. That may be the only option if the set gets damaged by floods and needs to be repaired. For now, the set has not been affected though the main road leading to it is under water.