David Friedman has joined ABC’s morning infotainment program Good Morning America as special GMA Creative Executive, working fulltime for several months to help the show ramp up in the fall, GMA senior exec producer Tom Cibrowski announced today. GMA, of course, is now the genre leader in the daypart, besting NBC News’ once dominant Today. Friedman used to be exec producer of CBS’ The Early Show, and started his career at Today. But, these days, he’s maybe best known for the seven years during which he created, launched and exec produced Carson Daly’s late-night show. Most recently, he’s been one of the industry’s go-to guys for live special event programming, including The Biggest Loser finale on NBC. Here’s Cibrowski’s announcement to staff:

I’m writing to let you know about a new face you will see here in the near future.  I’m pleased to announce that David Friedman will be joining us this Summer as our special GMA Creative Executive.  Starting July 15, David will be here full time for several months as we ramp up for the important Fall months leading to the November Sweep.   David will work directly with me on planning and executing exciting new GMA events, large and small.  He will also be an important voice on the daily execution of the program and brings a world of experience in live television, from morning to late night programming.

You might remember competing against David when he was the Executive Producer of The Early Show on CBS.   After starting his career at The Today Show, he went on to create, launch and serve as the Executive Producer of Carson Daly’s late night show for seven years.  Most recently he’s developed and produced a number of prime time entertainment shows for ABC, FOX and the CW and has been the go to person for live special event based programming like The Biggest Loser finale on NBC.  He brings a vast array of credits.

David will help to lead our already amazing team, Maureen and Morgan, and the 8am hour gang as we continue to try and innovate and push the envelope for even more exciting memorable GMA events.   His unique eye, having produced everything from news to entertainment to major specials, will help all of us on a daily basis.   I’m thrilled that he is joining our team as we all take GMA to new heights!