Disneyland, California Adventure, open 24 hoursYour wallet will feel a little lighter than you might have expected next time you visit Disney‘s theme parks in California or Florida. Yesterday the company raised the prices for single-day and annual tickets — something it typically does each year. It now costs $92 (+5.7%) for those over 10 to enter Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park, and parking costs $16 (+6.7%). If you want to visit both parks then it will cost $137 (+9.6%). An annual ticket usable almost any day runs $669 (+3.1%). And it takes $95 (+6.7%) to experience the Magic Kingdom at Orlando’s Walt Disney World. The increase there comes about two weeks after Universal Orlando raised its one-day price to $92 (+3.4%) for either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure, or $128 (+3.2%) for both. Disney Premier Passport — which offers anytime admission to any of its parks in California or Florida — now costs $979 (+15.3%). “Like any business, we evaluate and adjust our pricing based on a variety of factors,” says Disney spokesman Bryan Malenius. “A ticket to our theme parks represents a great value, particularly when you look at the breadth and quality of attractions and entertainment we offer and the special moments guests experience with our Cast.” Morgan Stanley analyst Benjamin Swinburne says that recent increases in attendance “helped alleviate investor skepticism” about the company’s ability to increase profit margins at its parks.