UPDATE, 1:40 PM: Mad Men‘s sixthseason finale posted 2.7 million viewers — on par with last season’s finale. The AMC period drama in its sixth season added an average of 2.1 million viewers within three days and an average of 2.4 million additional viewers within seven days of the live telecast through the first 10 episodes this season, the network said today. Over the season, the Mad Avenue drama averaged 2.5 million viewers and continues to rank as cable’s most upscale drama.

PREVIOUS, 7:50 AM: Matthew Weiner’s maddening-to-the-max AMC series ended its sixth and penultimate season last night. There was never any OMG moment in an episode as in Mad Men years past: just a slow and sly buildup to Don Draper’s breakdown and comeuppance and soon-to-be transformation into I don’t know what. Overall it was a more satisfying if somewhat melodramatic jumble of relationships and 1960s realities than tiresome Season 5. Nice to see Harry Hamlin resurrect a once promising acting career, and Kevin Rahm more than hold his own with the regulars. But where was the fleshed-out storyline for Christina Hendricks? Meanwhile Weiner is saying he already knows how final Season 7 ends. I just hope Draper doesn’t wind up in Hollywood.