SUNDAY UPDATE: Illumination Entertainment‘s and Universal‘s 3D sequel Despicable Me 2 opened this weekend as one of the top 4 films internationally for the weekend alongside Man Of Steel, World War Z and Monsters University. All its rivals are playing in 40+ territories against DM2‘s seven markets. Yet the new toon opened #1 in five of its 6 new territories this weekend for a cumulative total of $50M through Sunday from the UK-Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, French-speaking Switzerland, and Sweden as well as Australia which debuted last weekend. As a comparison in the same seven territories, DM2 is performing well ahead of the original Despicable Me as well as DreamWorks sequels Kung Fu Panda 2 and Madagascar 2 and 3. Gru and his manic minions open in North America in limited release Tuesday night and go wide on Wednesday before the Fourth Of July holiday. Expectations are for new records in the 38 territories with the U.S./Canada opening next weekend. Here’s a territory by territory breakdown:

UK & Ireland – Opened #1 with big $13.5M at 542 dates and 49% market share. This weekend is 4x bigger than the opening of Despicable Me. The total including last week’s previews is $23.3M (£15.2M). DM2 broke the record as Universal’s biggest opening weekend ever. In the U.K. and Ireland, Despicable Me 2 set a new record for Universal’s biggest opening weekend ever and the biggest opening weekend for a film in 2013 including previews.

France – Opened #1 on Wednesday and has grossed $8M at 799 dates and 40% market share and is more than 1.5 bugger than Despicable Me. It’s the third biggest opening of 2013.

Belgium – Opened #1 and has grossed $1.3M at 71 dates including previews, or 20% ahead of Despicable Me.

Netherlands – Opened #1 and has grossed $2.4M at 131 dates and more than double of the original..

French-Speaking Switzerland – Opened #1 and has grossed $831K at 43 dates with previews, which is 2x bigger than Despicable Me for the biggest opening of 2013 in this market

Sweden – Opened #2 behind Man Of Steel and has grossed $1.6M at 140 dates with previews. It is almost 3x bigger than the debut of Despicable Me.

Australia – DM2 opened last weekend and is holding strong at #2 this weekend behind Man Of Steel’s opening. The cume Down Under is now $12.6M.

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