Once again, Deadline did not enter the latest Los Angeles Press Club awards contest. Because, once again, the officers and organizers have failed to address our concerns. In my opinion, the LA Press Club seems more interested in collecting entry fees and selling gala tables than in rewarding high standards of journalism or conducting a competition with integrity. This is not sour grapes: Deadline has been winners or finalists in several categories over the years. But the decision to resign from the LA Press Club’s board and to boycott these awards was made in consultation with my staff. Now many major media like Deadline also don’t participate, which is why this year’s ‘Entertainment News’ category consisted of only one news outlet and one writer being nominated for all three finalist slots. (FishbowlLA called it “one of the craziest latest examples of the problems caused by the LA Press Club’s paid-entry award finalist process. Is it still an honor to be nominated when you are the only person nominated?”) Showbiz coverage deserves better. Once again, I strongly urge the LA Press Club to institute more transparency, integrity, and professionalism into its awards process in future years.