EXCLUSIVE: In 1998, Darren Star took a book based on newspaper columns by a female writer, Candace Bushnell, and turned it into a hit comedy series, HBO’s Sex And The City. Fifteen years later, as the Internet and social media have taken over newspapers, Star is looking to do the same with The Honest Toddler, a book by Bunmi Laditan based on her successful Twitter feed. Star will develop and executive produce the adaptation of The Honest Toddler, which was published last month by Simon and Shuster’s Scribner imprint, with Laditan and producers Clark Peterson and Dennis Erdman. The show, described as “a Modern Family from a toddler’s point of view,” is eyed for broadcast or cable.

Laditan launched the Twitter account anonymously in May 2012 after a particularly difficult week with her then 2-year old daughter as means of cathartic release through humor. Laditan, who revealed her identity in the conjunction with the book’s release, has since amassed more than 238,000 Twitter followers and nearly 135,000 Facebook fans reading the observations of the “honest toddler,” who doesn’t mince words about how she feels about things. Example: “Tonight’s bedtime story was about three pigs struggling with repeat home invasions. Thanks for the new fear.” Laditan is repped by Resolution and Chalberg & Sussman.