These days snagging a badge to the annual San Diego Comic-Con is almost as nightmarish as navigating the convention’s online hotel registration gauntlet. Now securing last-minute passes just got even harder. Wannabe convention goers shut out of February’s ticketing mad dash were hoping to snag badges in a last minute resale of returned and refunded badges, similar to last year’s pre-con resale when Comic-Con International opened up 5,000 passes shortly before the July event. Today the organization announced that the resale will be conducted by random drawing open only to residents of the US and Canada, prompting more grumbles from international patrons and geeks already frustrated with vendor EPIC Registration.

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When passes went on sale online in February and sold out in an hour and a half, upset customers complained loudly about being iced out of the famously inefficient reservation system despite a complicated membership pre-registration process instituted in recent years to streamline the process. Between ticketing woes, a nightmarish hotel registration system, long Hall H lines, and Comic-Con’s ballooning attendance which packed over 130,000 into downtown San Diego in 2012, critics of the convention continue to argue that Comic-Con is outgrowing its infrastructure. The con is contracted to stay in San Diego through 2016.