The original series executive produced by Ridley Scott‘s Scott Free Prods. will focus on a single major news event considered shocking at the time. It will debut Sunday, June 23 at 9 PM ET as a lead-in to the Morgan Spurlock docu-series Inside Man, which also premieres June 23. Each of the eight episodes of Crime Of The Century focuses on archived and never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews with witnesses, victims, and investigators of the crimes, offering viewers a virtual scene-of-the-crime vantage point. The premiere episode focuses on the 2001 Washington D.C. sniper attack. The John Lennon killing, the Andrea Yates murders, the Reagan assassination attempt, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Amanda Knox story, the Waco siege and the Unabomber case also will be featured. Crimes of the Century will re-air the same night at 12 midnight, again at 3 AM ET, and several other times during subsequent weekends.