Ratings-hungry CNN is tinkering with its primetime lineup, adding an Anderson Cooper-hosted special beginning tonight at 10 PM that wraps up each day’s George Zimmerman murder trial activities. Self-Defense Or Murder? The George Zimmerman Trial will bump Cooper’s AC360 repeats to 11. Tonight, Cooper will be joined by Mark Geragos, Marsha Clark and Jeffrey Toobin, dissecting the day’s opening statements and testimony. The murder trial has already made news, though not what you might have expected — and not in any way that will help CNN’s ratings. MSNBC today apologized for telecasting, live, the opening statements of prosecutor John Guy, which included a quote from the defendant in which was used one of Those Words That Get the FCC’s Undies in a Bunch and which, according to The Reporters Who Cover the FCC’s Bunched Undies, was followed by another use of the word later in the morning. MSNBC has promised to use a delay going forward.

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