Nary a day went by at last month’s Cannes Film Festival without some sort of non-movie-related scandal erupting on the Croisette. Thieves who made off with millions in jewelry have yet to be apprehended, but a man now identified as Stéphane Cros has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for shooting blanks into the air during a live taping of Canal Plus‘ nightly news program Le Grand Journal. On May 17, Cros fired two shots from his perch in the audience of the show which broadcasts across from the Martinez Hotel throughout the festival. Daniel Auteuil and Christoph Waltz were being interviewed onstage at the time and were quickly evacuated. Cros was immediately immobilized by police after the incident. It’s now known that Cros purchased a replica Smith & Wesson the same day and was also carrying a fake grenade. In court on Monday, he read what was an incoherent statement, according to French daily Le Figaro, and then said he had wanted to get onto the Canal Plus set to “take myself hostage.” Ahead of the sentencing, the judge commented, “To use terror and violence as a way to impose one’s political ideals is the definition itself of terrorism. I’m not saying this was an act of terrorism, but intellectually the method is the same, only the degree of violence makes the difference.”