The Entourage movie, the fourth season of MTV’s Teen Wolf, the fifth season of Justified, the upcoming CBS Studios-produced King And Maxwell and Pretty Little Liars Season 5 are among the 31 projects picked this year in the state’s $100 million film and TV tax credit lottery, the California Film Commission announced today. Also on the list of winners is a previously unannounced sequel of Blumhouse’s upcoming horror/thriller feature The Purge, which debuts on June 7 from Universal.

Given the green light by Warner Bros back in January, the feature version of HBO’s eight season Hollywood series was always going to film a portion of its big screen debut in California but now they have a 20% tax credit to use. Among the others selected, Shane Brennan’s P.I. series King and Maxwell is one of the few new TV series to get subsidies this year and with a 25% tax credit, a move to California as a Relocating Series. Ordered earlier this year for 10-episode season by TNT, the pilot for the series, which stars Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney, was shot in Canada. There were a lot of familiar names this year too. This is the second year that Teen Wolf has received an allocation from the state program. It was selected as a Relocating TV Series in 2012, which made it automatically eligible this year under the Film Commission’s rules. TV series Justified and Pretty Little Liars, who already film in the Golden State and received tax credits last year as well, were re-eligible this year under regulations that place previously selected TV series at the top of the queue for future seasons. See the names of all of the winners of the 2013 California Production Tax Credit Lottery after the jump.

Based on the info provided by the applicants, the Commission estimates that the preliminary chosen projects will spend more than $771 million in the state, including more than $290 million in qualified wages. The state agency also estimates that the 31 projects will employ around 2,980 cast members, 3,730 crew members and 80,680 extras/stand-ins.

Initially 28 projects were awarded a portion of this year’s fund after being chosen at random on Monday afternoon until all the money was allocated. However, a TV series dropped out of the process last night after being picked earlier in the day. That freed up funds for other projects on the waiting list to take their place and credits. Even with that, the projects named today could also change based on production schedules or some other delay. In 2012, 28 projects were chosen but 75 TV and film productions actually ended up receiving tax credits from the $100 million fund in the end. This year the Film Commission received 380 applications on Monday, a record since the state introduced the tax credit program back in 2009. In the end, picked randomly by a Deputy State Fire Marshal, less than 10% of them were selected. Here’s a breakdown of the project types:

Feature Films: 14 projects (2 studio / 12 independent)
TV Series: 12 projects
Relocating TV Series: 2 projects
MOW: 3 projects (1 studio / 2 independent)
Mini-Series: 0


Bordering on Love
(Feature Film) The Cortez Brothers, Inc.
The Dating Game Killer
(Feature Film) Fantasy Prone
(Feature Film) Warner Bros.
(Feature Film) Protocol Entertainment, Inc.
(Feature Film) Lava Bear Films Holding Co., LLC
The Meddler
(Feature Film) Anonymous Content
Mission Blacklist
(Feature Film) Kim Olsen
Purge 2
(Feature Film) Blumhouse Productions
Shangri-La Suite
(Feature Film) Anonymous Content
Solid State
(Feature Film) CLE City Productions
Steel and Stilettos
(Feature Film) Capital Arts Entertainment
(Feature Film) Blumhouse Productions
(Feature Film) Sunset Pictures
The Wash
(Feature Film) Lionsgate


Bunheads 2
TV series (Basic Cable), Prodco, Inc
Dirty Laundry
TV series (Basic Cable), Viacom International Inc.
Franklin & Bash 4
TV series (Basic Cable), Woodridge Productions, Inc.
Hit the Floor 2
TV series (Basic Cable), Film Syndicate
Justified 5
TV series (Basic Cable), Woodridge Productions, Inc.
Lost Angels 2
TV series (Basic Cable), Turner North Center Productions Inc.
Major Crimes 3
TV series (Basic Cable), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
Murder in the First
TV series (Basic Cable), Turner North Center Productions Inc.
Perception 3
TV series (Basic Cable), FTP Productions, LLC
Pretty Little Liars 5
TV series (Basic Cable), Horizon Scripted Television Inc.
Rizzoli & Isles 5
TV series (Basic Cable), Horizon Scripted Television Inc.
Switched at Birth 3
TV series (Basic Cable), Prodco, Inc

King And Maxwell
Relocating TV Series, CBS Studios Inc
Teen Wolf 4
Relocating TV Series, MTV Networks

MOW, Protocol Entertainment
Cloudy With A Chance of Love
MOW, Rafina Ltd
Roll With It
MOW, Close To Home Productions