Three months after rescuing Jonathan Levine‘s horror thriller All The Boys Love Mandy Lane from distribution purgatory and seven years after the Amber Heard-starrer was filmed, Radius-TWC has set fall theatrical and VOD dates for the film. The Texas-set slasher will hit VOD September 6 followed by an October 11 theatrical release, the company announced today. But has buzz waxed or waned for the infamously stalled 2006 festival midnight sensation?

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Pic follows a group of high schoolers who invite “good girl” Mandy Lane (Heard) out for a weekend on a secluded ranch where a killer begins targeting them one by one. When The Weinstein Co. first won a Toronto Film Fest bidding war for the pic in a hot $3.5M sale, its cast and director were on the verge of breaking out. Then TWC balked, put it on hold, and eventually sold it to Senator Entertainment US — which went bankrupt, leaving Mandy Lane trapped in the space between spaces until Radius-TWC’s Tom Quinn and Jason Janego and EP Keith Calder figured out a way to resuscitate it. But that delay — and the uncertainty that Mandy Lane would ever see the light of day — meant that over the years eager would-be viewers (including a number of Twilight fans intrigued by Welch’s participation) sought the pic out via illegal download online or bought a 2008 import DVD/Blu-ray put out by UK label Optimum Home Entertainment. On the other hand the Mandy Lane gang has moved onward and upward in the interim, including Heard (Never Back Down, Pineapple Express, The Rum Diary), Anson Mount (AMC’s Hell On Wheels), Michael Welch (The Twilight Saga), and particularly director Levine (The Wackness, 50/50), who scored a $116M global hit for Lionsgate/Summit with February’s Warm Bodies.