UPDATE, 8:40 AM: ABC News just announced Terry Moran‘s replacement. Regular Good Morning America contributor Dan Abrams has been named a Nightline anchor and Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News. He will continue his regular legal segments on GMA, will launch a new branded GMA segment “on a wide range of topics,” and join the other Nightline anchors on ABC’s The Lookout.

PREVIOUS 7:20 AM: Nightline anchor Terry Moran will be leaving the late-night newsmagazine to relocate to London later this summer, where he will serve as a London-based anchor and chief foreign correspondent for ABC News. A veteran court reporter, Moran also will continue to contribute to ABC News’ coverage of major Supreme Court decisions. Moran’s departure comes as Nightline, now airing at 12:35 AM, draws less than half its previous audience at 11:35 PM. Moran joined Nightline after a 1999-2005 stint as a White House correspondent for ABC News where he has been since 1997.