EXCLUSIVE: Rocket Jump Studios and Collective Digital Studio have a twist with their announcement that the second season of their YouTube action comedy series will premiere in July the week of the San Diego ComicCon. They say that Video Game High School 2 will be the first online show that includes sequences presented in vivid 48 frames per second, twice the norm and similar to what director Peter Jackson offered with The Hobbit. You’ll have to go to a special video player at RocketJump.com to see the full effect; YouTube itself transmits in 24 fps. But the effort to make the series more cinematic suggests that backers are optimistic about the possibility of beating the 55M views last year for the nine-episode first season stories about a boy who attends the world’s most prestigious gaming academy in an alternate reality where pro video gaming is the world’s top spectator sport. The new season will run more than 120 minutes over six episodes. It attracted more than $800,000 from Kickstarter making it one of the platform’s most funded film or video projects. Dodge will be the presenting sponsor of the series which will include a Dodge Dart in racing sequences. Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold co-created the series.