EXCLUSIVE: There is a change at the helm of the CW‘s high-profile new drama series Reign. Co-creator/executive producer/co-showrunner Stephanie SenGupta has departed, leaving co-creator/executive producer Laurie McCarthy as the sole showrunner. The move is not completely unexpected as there had been chatter that the two didn’t quite see eye to eye. SenGupta, who I hear originally came up with the idea for Reign many years ago, is moving on to focus on creating a new show on her own. The CBS TV Studios-produced Reign, a soapy reimagining of the teenage years of Mary Queen of Scots in the French Court, is one of the buzziest new CW series and landed the coveted post-Vampire Diaries slot on the fall schedule. SenGupta most recently served as co-executive producer on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, also produced by CBS Studios. She came out of the Law & Order camp, having worked on both the mothership series and on spinoff Criminal Intent.

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