6TH UPDATE,  FRIDAY PM: Add the John Mulaney comedy to the dead pile too. Still alive are I Am Victor, which will be retooled, and Assistance.

5TH UPDATE: Also now dead is the Robert Padnick comedy pilot.

4TH UPDATE: The Night Shift obituary was premature. In the flurry of passes, the pilot was erroneously bundled with those that are definitely dead, but it appears that no calls have been made on it yet. So if you worked on that pilot or have clients on it, you can breathe easier, at least for now.

3RD UPDATE, 3:45 PM: Turns out we’re not quite done yet. Off-cycle medical drama pilot Night Shift (formerly After Hours), which had been in contention and received an order for backup scripts, just got a pass too.

2ND UPDATE: Also confirmed as dead are high-concept drama pilot Bloodline and comic book adaptation The Sixth Gun, which started off strong but lost steam as the pilot season progressed. These are all pilots that have been cut for now, with the rest remaining in contention, including untitled Robert Padnick, which is hanging by a thread but still alive.

UPDATE: The Gates; Joe, Joe & Jane and The Secret Lives Of Husbands And Wives are dead too. Brenda Forever got a call too, but, while not an option for fall, I hear there is a possibility that it may stay in contention.

PREVIOUSLY, 2:20 PM WEDNESDAY: This is a call every producer is dreading this time of year. I hear NBC has started notifying the pilots that are out of contention for next season. I hear those that have gotten word so far are drama Hatfields & McCoys and comedy Holding Patterns. Will update with more as information comes in.