The CBS chief and his colleagues introduced their upfront sales pitches to advertisers today by taking a victory lap — a contrast to other networks’ efforts this week to promote their digital initiatives. With CBS in first place, Les Moonves says that “broadcast (TV) is not an old medium being left behind by new ones. Far from it. We’re at the center of it all…a media landscape that would be barren without us.” Network Sales President Jo Ann Ross coyly kicked things off: She told advertisers to “Please relax. We’re not going to give you a hard sell because at CBS we don’t have to”– as lights illuminated her dress with pitches to buy, ratings stats, and up arrows. She added that at CBS the sales message “is simple: anywhere, at any time on any screen.” The company vows to “reach the biggest audiences on multiple platforms across all of our assets.” Moonves added that “no matter how many times we tell our success story, I never get tired of it.” With CBS’ first victory this year among 18-to-49 year olds since the 1991-92 season he joked, “When making your buys, don’t hold our youth against us.”

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