A day after video surfaced of Zach Braff discussing why he loves Kickstarter and used it to finance his next project, the founders of the crowdfunding site posted a missive whose title asked a simple but controversial question: Who is Kickstarter for? Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler note that their “mission is to help bring creative projects to life,” and they argue that goes for anyone. The trio deflected criticism aimed at their service — along with Braff and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas — saying that high-profile projects merely “bring new backers to other projects.” Agree or not, the trio is in spin-control mode amid the backlash as crowdsourcing continues to be the latest cyber-Wild West. Watch the lengthy Braff clip, extracted from Jason Cooper and Jay Armitage’s upcoming documentary feature Kickstarted, below:

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