Like most other broadcasters this upfront week, CW execs today urged advertisers to consider the network’s involvement with digital platforms — and announced that its streamed shows, now available on Windows and Xbox, will also work with Apple TV. “This year we’re reaching more viewers on more platforms,” CW President Mark Pedowitz said during the CW presentation. With more than 20% of the network’s audience coming from digital sources, CW “will continue to make it as easy for you [to advertise] on every platform we’re on now and in the future.” He also announced that his CWD digital studio, which produces original videos for the Web, will be renamed CW Seed. “If the CW is what’s now, then CW Seed is what’s next,” he says. It will offer “new ways to connect to our viewers…It is about continuing our momentum.” After the presentation, Pedowitz said that the television network has cut some deals with advertisers based on the number of viewers who see an ad up to seven days after it airs, as opposed to the conventional three days. Some broadcasters would like to shift to a 7-day standard as DVR usage grows. Pedowitz calls it “a good opportunity for some advertisers” that don’t have time-sensitive messages.

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