Add Cinemark to the list of exhibition chains licking their wounds from the weak Q1 box office. The company reports this morning that it generated net income of $33.1M, -22.9% vs the period last year, on revenues of $547.8M, -5.4%. The revenue figure was slightly short of the $550.4M that analysts anticipated. But earnings at 28 cents a share beat forecasts for 24 cents. Admissions revenues fell 6.4% to $349.4M as a 6.7% drop in worldwide attendance to 57.4M wiped out the 1 cent gain in the average ticket price to $6.09. And concession revenue fell 4.1% to $172.4M, even as average sales per patron rose 8 cents to $3. All of the fall-off in attendance took place at domestic theaters (-13% to 34.7M) while Cinemark’s international ones were up 4.8% to 22.8M. But domestic capital expenditures were down 68.7% to $6.2M, while international was up 12.6% to $30.7M. The growth in international revenues illustrates “the long-term growth opportunity provided by this segment,” CEO Tim Warner says.