Jay Leno is readying to exit stage left from NBC’s Tonight Show next February. So Adam Sandler was a guest Thursday and offered a little unsolicited advice about Leno’s post-Tonight plans. Of course, Sandler doesn’t mention that the problem is that Fox would have to get clearance for any late-night show from the affiliates who get to keep all the ad revenue from their late local news. Fox then might have to compensate them for any lost revenue. In other words, it’s complicated. Read the transcript after the jump:

Leno: Now, I’ve known you for a long time, 30 years or something?
Sandler: Yes.
Leno: Are you slowing down a little bit?
Sandler: Yes. Getting old, man. You know you’re getting old, Jay, when you work out an hour and a half a day just to stay fat. An extra 20 minutes a day I can get down to chubby.
Leno: Yeah, yeah.
Sandler: So, Jay, retiring buddy?
Leno: What’s that?
Sandler: You’re retiring.
Leno: Well, we’re stepping aside.
Sandler: You’re thinking…
Leno: Yeah.
Sandler: You’re thinking about relaxing and I have a good idea for what Jay should do. Don’t you think he should just take it easy, enjoy, breathe, maybe go to Fox, do a show at 11:00 PM, maybe that kind of thing?
Leno: Well, thank you, that’s very kind. Thank you.
Sandler: You gotta relax Jay, you gotta enjoy your older years.
Leno: Thank you, thank you. Thanks for stirring the pot. I appreciate that.

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