During one of a zillion press junket interviews for Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr was asked who he’d like to direct him in Pinocchio, after Tim Burton fell out. Downey said it would be his Tropic Thunder accomplice Ben Stiller. That got a lot of press play. The pair talked about it briefly at CinemaCon, where Stiller’s teaser reel for The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty got a rousing response from exhibitors. So guess what? Now, Stiller is in talks with Warner Bros to helm the film. No negotiations yet, but they have gone as far as starting discussions with writers for the film that Downey and his wife Susan Downey will produce under their Team Downey banner. Downey, who would play Geppetto, wants to change the direction of the film creatively from what he and Burton had originally conceived. The studio likes the new take. Dan Jinks is producing with Team Downey.