The NBC Universal property boasted of its 100M cable subscribers and doubled growth in unique visitors to its site at today’s NewFront in NY. There it announced three new web series which will debut on Weather‘s website, cable TV channel, mobile platform and for tablet in six 2-4 minute episodes launching on the same date:

I Am Unstoppable (October 2013)

I Am Unstoppable tells the inspiring stories of six outdoor athletes who’ve overcome extraordinary obstacles to become champions. The remarkable cast includes Sarah Reinertsen, Lopez Lomong, and Spencer West. Reinertsen, the first full-leg amputee to complete the Ironman competition, talks about her journey from learning at age nine that she’d lose her leg to becoming a world-renowned triathlete. Lomong’s harrowing story begins in the refugee camps of eastern Africa and ends with his bearing the flag for the United States at the 2008 Olympics. West shares how being born with no legs didn’t stop him from achieving a goal no one thought he could achieve: ascending, with almost no assistance, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Virus Hunters (November 2013)

Virus Hunters takes viewers inside the work of the scientists who protect us against nature’s most deadly killers. From an outbreak of H1N1 that spreads across the globe in weeks to a stolen vial of smallpox that decimates a population, the number of nightmare scenarios involving deadly pathogens is almost endless. But thanks to a dedicated group of scientists, most of them stop before they begin. Weather Films takes you inside their world, showing how techniques ranging from advanced data mining to old-fashioned detective work defeat deadly pandemics before they begin.

Alive (December 2013)

Alive shares the stories of extraordinary Americans who have survived manmade and natural disasters. What’s it like to survive an earthquake, a tornado or a hurricane? What about a flight that nearly crashes or a shipwreck? Weather Films talks to the survivors who defied death, and to the scientists who explain what happened.