Iron Man 3 doesn’t come out until May 3, but you can find out plenty about the movie today by visiting your local Albertsons. Of course, you might find it a little below your reading level. A novelization for children that Marvel published April 2 reveals some of the plot points for the upcoming blockbuster. With a healthy selection of color pics from the latest sequel, the 144-page paperback is for sale at grocery stores, bookstores and online at Amazon and others. However, if you are looking to know every major twist and turn in Iron Man 3, the book will likely disappoint: The novelization was vetted by the Disney-owned studio specifically to not give away everything that Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and new villain the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley, are up to in the Shane Black-directed film, a source says. The vetting went all the way up to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, who got a list of what is in the novelization and what was left out. The book is just one of the many platforms that Disney is utilizing to promote the movie. Now that Paramount no longer distributes the franchise, Iron Man 3 is the Walt Disney Company‘s first marketing of an Iron Man film — and as this checkout-counter gem reveals, they are leaving no opportunity unexplored.

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