EXCLUSIVE: Screenwriter and playwright Tom Stoppard has signed with Paradigm, re-joining longtime agent Robert Bookman. That means in two consecutive days, two Oscar-winning screenwriters have followed Bookman from CAA to Paradigm. The Silence Of The Lambs scribe Ted Tally joined yesterday.

Stoppard most recently scripted Anna Karenina. He’s best known for co-scripting Shakespeare In Love, and his credits include Enigma, Empire Of The Sun and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. He won the Oscar for Shakespeare In Love and was nominated for Brazil. On the TV side, he just got nominated for a BAFTA for the HBO miniseries Parade’s End. Paradigm is repping him for screenwriting.

As playwright, Stoppard has won four Tony Awards for Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, Travesties, The Real Thing and Coast Of Utopia. He directed the movie version of Rosencrantz And Guildernstern Are Dead, and wrote the script. He most recently wrote Dark Side, an hourlong audio drama for BBC Radio 2 that is keyed to the 40th anniversary of the Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side Of The Moon. It will be broadcast on August 26th, 2013.

Stoppard was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1997, and in February, he received the WGA West’s 2013 Laurel Award for Screen, honoring lifetime achievement in outstanding writing for motion pictures. Stoppard continues to be co-represented by London-based United Agents.