Matthew McConaughey has confirmed he’ll star in Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar for Paramount and Warner Bros, which Deadline told you exclusively a week ago. The actor doesn’t say much about the role, just that he’s doing it. Having veered from the rom-com, he’s having a nice second wind to his career. Now, you might think it douchey of me to feel the need to remind that Deadline broke the story, but there are so many online sites creating businesses by swiping our stories, many with no credit, that we need to drop reminders of who’s putting in the work and turning over the hard ground. These aggregating sites are getting more brazen. The one that has been grating on me lately is Slashfilm. I don’t see a lick of original reporting, and I don’t think that site would exist without Deadline or the work of trade reporters like Borys Kit and Justin Kroll. Instead of simply gratefully aggregating, they’ve now taken to biting the hand that feeds them. I noticed it as they swiped and then critiqued Deadline revelations of Lynne Ramsay’s startling exit from Jane Got A Gun, including Gavin O’Connor replacing her and Jude Law exiting. And then again last night when they lifted a Deadline’s exclusive that Tim Burton would direct Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams in Big Eyes, only mentioning Deadline with the backhanded snort that they would not steal the entire log line I provided because I had spoiled the movie. This is like having your house robbed, and then finding a note from the thieves saying they didn’t like the style of the couch they just stole from you.