Hartswood Films, the production company behind Sherlock, is prepping new three-part drama The Guilty for the UK’s ITV. Episodes star Tamsin Greig plays a detective investigating the disappearance of a little boy in the story that’s set across two timelines, one in 2008 and the other in the present day. Mr. Selfridge’s Katherine Kelly and Darren Boyd, who starred in the British version of Spy, which ABC is remaking Stateside, play the parents of the missing child. Game Of Thrones alum Jamie Sives also stars. Sherlock’s Elaine Cameron is producing with Sherlock’s Beryl Vertue exec producing. Endeavour director Ed Bazalgette is helming from a script by Law & Order: UK’s Debbie O’Malley. Shooting runs through May. ITV is currently airing Broadchurch, another contemporary drama series about an investigation into the murder of a young boy, which BBC America will air later this year.