The screenwriter whose credits spanned Cliffhanger, GoldenEye, Ang Lee’s Hulk, The Punisher, and Fantastic Four has died, his sister confirmed to local press. He was 51. France had been battling diabetes-related health issues according to Suzanne France, who discovered her brother Friday morning in his home in St. Pete Beach, Florida. “[Thursday night] he was sitting up, he had good color, he was making jokes. Just sitting there on the couch with his dog”, she said. France, a St. Petersburg native, sold his Cliffhanger spec script in 1991 which became a blockbuster hit for Sylvester Stallone and launched France’s Hollywood career. In 2007 he bought the local historic Film Paradiso Beach Theater when the single-screen landmark was in danger of going under. “I was also worried that if I didn’t buy it, that someone would turn it into a bikini shop or Bennigan’s. I thought it would be a real shame to lose it”, he told the St. Petersburg Times in 2008. The Beach Theater shuttered in 2012. France was repped by WME.