The President isn’t running for office himself but he’s still looking for some cash from Hollywood. Barack Obama will be the main act at a lunch fundraiser at Peter Chernin’s house on June 7, Deadline has confirmed. The President will be in town raising money for the Democratic National Committee’s 2014 midterm election war chest. “Since we do not take money from special interests, corporate lobbyists and political action committees, we must rely on dedicated Democrats like you,” the invite says. And knowing that Hollywood is a good place to raise cash, the DNC is heavily relying on local Dems. Prices for tickets to the event at the former News Corp President and COO’s Santa Monica home go from $10,000 each to $32,400 if you want to be a recognized co-chair. The latter not only get their pic with Obama but get to participate in a semi-private chat with other co-chairs and the President as well. This isn’t the President’s first Western fundraiser since vacuuming up millions for his own reelection last year. Obama was up in San Francisco earlier this spring hitting up the tech crowd for money for the DNC as the party gears up for what all expect to be a rough fight for the House and Senate.

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