2ND UPDATE:  Deadline hears “there was a scheduling conflict” to explain why Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t there. But this appeared to be the last thing the cable network expected as the live MTV Movie Awards scrambled to adjust to the glaring absence of tonight’s biggest star. The newly Academy Award-winning actress was a no-show for the telecast – embarrassing the network which had arranged for a lot of Hunger Games 2 promotion during the telecast for the film’s fans. MTV apparently had to rearrange some categories because of the situation. And MTV punted what was to have been a sketch with host Rebel Wilson and Lawrence playing sisters. Other performers had to make do as well. “Thanks so much. Jen’s not here. I’m sorry,” Bradley Cooper told the audience to what even the MTV website said was an “audibly upset room” about the absent Lawrence. “I know. But, she was great to kiss.” The pair won Best Kiss Category. Lawrence also won Best Female performance after being nominated in several categories. No explanation as yet for why she didn’t appear. Her Hunger Games: Catching Fire co-star Liam Hemsworth was there to present a teaser trailer premiere for the pic.