David Bloom is a contributor to Deadline

The video look of fast-twitch films such as Cloverfield the Paranormal Activity franchise and Rachel Getting Married will be increasingly common in the future because filmmakers aren’t bothered by it and audiences get a visual jolt. “I believe it’s something that’s here to stay”, said Adam Goodman, president of the Paramount Film Group, during the Digital Hollywood conference today in Marina del Rey. “It’s a terrific medium for filmmakers. They don’t see the medium as a barrier to entry. They don’t care about shaky cameras. For whatever reason, it just makes for a much more visceral experience for the audience”. But if shaky videocam movies are too much for your tender orbs, you’re going to hate the widespread adoption of Google Glass, the eyeglass-like devices Goodman predicted will be used to capture first-person footage of skydiving or other action sequences. “I want to see the first Google Glass movie”, he said.

Goodman also extolled the audience-attracting potential of high-end theater technology, including the warring sound formats from Barco and Dolby, so-called 4K high-resolution cameras and projectors, and IMAX and 3D, especially for international audiences, but that enthusiasm doesn’t extend to creating movies specifically for small screens such as smartphones. “I don’t want to spend years of my life working on something just to be able to watch it while I’m standing in line at the bus stop”, he said.