Here’s another title hailing from the super-hot Nordic territories, and from sales outfit TrustNordisk which had a sizzling Berlin EFM with several of its films. The company will handle pre-sales in Cannes on English-language Danish western The Salvation, which has just cast up and started shooting in Johannesburg. Joining the previously announced Mads Mikkelsen are his Casino Royale co-star Eva Green along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jonathan Pryce, Eric Cantona (Looking For Eric), Mikael Persbrandt (The Hobbit 2 & 3), Douglas Henshall (The Eagle) and Michael Raymond-James (Jack Reacher).

Fear Me Not and The King Is Alive director Kristian Levring is helming. (He was one of the signatories of the Dogme95 manifesto started by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg to create films based on traditional values without elaborate effects.) Susanne Bier collaborator Anders Thomas Jensen penned the script that pays tribute to classic Westerns, but also is inspired by the Nordic sagas. The story is set in 1870s America where a settler kills his family’s murderer and in so doing unleashes the fury of a notorious gang leader. Betrayed by his corrupt and cowardly community, the peaceful pioneer must turn vengeful hunter, slay the outlaws and cleanse the town’s black heart.

Shooting on the 10.5M euros pic will run for eight-weeks. Sisse Graum Jørgensen, whose credits include Vinterberg’s The Hunt, for which Mikkelsen won the Best Actor prize in Cannes last year, and Bier’s In A Better World, is producing for Zentropa Entertainments33. The film is a co-production with Spier Films in South Africa and the UK’s Forward Films. Backing also comes from the Danish Film Institute, broadcaster DR, Nordisk Film & TV Fond and the EU’s MEDIA program. Nordisk Film is releasing in Denmark in October 2014.