Crash & BernsteinDisney XD‘s breakout comedy Crash & Bernstein has been picked up for a second season. Production will resume in Van Nuys, California in July for a fall 2013 premiere. Created by Eric Friedman and executive-produced by Friedman, Mike Larsen, Jim Armogida and Steve Armogida, the multi-camera series stars Cole Jensen, Tim Lagasse, Oana Gregory, Landry Bender and Aaron R. Landon. It follows Wyatt Bernstein (Jensen), a typical boy who lives in a household full of girls and desperately wishes for a brother to do fun guy stuff with. His family takes Wyatt to a Build-A-Bestie for his birthday, which leads to his dream finally coming true — his Bestie creation, Crash (Lagasse), a wildly unpredictable puppet, comes to life. Together, the new “brothers” help each other navigate life’s adventures.