I hear actor Charlie Sheen has parted ways with longtime manager Mark Burg. It is unclear if the separation is permanent, but if the duo’s history is any indication, we shouldn’t bet on it. The two have had fallings-out before, most notably during Sheen’s epic spring 2011 meltdown, but they’ve reconciled. Even if Sheen is not a client of Burg’s anymore, the two remain business partners as they both serve as executive producers on Sheen’s FX comedy series Anger Management, which is 40 episodes into its 100-episode (10+90) order. I hear there were no signs of a Sheen-Burg separation on the set of the show this week, and Anger Management producers appeared unaware of any change in the duo’s relationship. Sheen performed his duties on the show until Friday when he left the set due to illness. He is slated to do The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Wednesday. Burg is not on the set of Anger Management every day but has a regular presence, most recently during the filming of Lindsay Lohan’s guest stint. In addition to Burg’s executive producer role on Arrested Development, Evolution Entertainment, his company with Michael Menchel, recently launched a TV division and signed a first-look deal with Lionsgate TV, the company behind Anger Management. Burg has been Sheen’s main representative as the actor has been without an agent for a while.