TLC announced today that Breaking Amish: Brave New World will debut May 12 at 10 PM, with a separate Season 2 of the original series to come sometime in the summer. The spinoff of the controversial Breaking Amish will reunite the cast from the first season of the reality series as they make new lives for themselves in Florida. Besides bringing Abe, Rebecca, Kate, Sabrina and Jeremiah back together, TLC also said today a second season of Breaking Amish will begin production this spring. The series will have a “new group of young Amish and Mennonite men and women who are eager to live a life beyond the limited upbringings they’ve known,” according to the network.

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Despite proving a ratings hit with 3.2 million viewers on average watching the first season, Breaking Amish was stained with allegations of fakery, fraud and slight of hand almost from its September 9 debut. TLC admitted about halfway through the season that some of the stories about the show’s cast — like them not knowing each other beforehand and not being so new to big-city life — were false. The network later aired two one-hour reunion specials hosted by Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle to address the rumors. The second season of Breaking Amish and the spinoff are produced by Hot Snakes Media, which also produced Season 1.