Marketers BOND Strategy and Influence have announced a new digital initiative called BOND360 to help indie filmmakers sell their movies and other products directly to fans. “Each year there are high quality, engaging films with extremely large, active digital communities. For many of these films, the traditional model no longer makes sense,” said Marc Schiller, BOND CEO in a statement Thursday. The new BOND360 intends to provide financing, strategic consultation, marketing, public relations and technical support through a staff of 20 publicists, designers, programmers and project managers. BOND says filmmakers will retain copyrights to their films and products and they will be involved in all creative and business decisions. Among other things, BOND360 will work with filmmakers to launch in-person tours of their films supported by brand sponsors. Digital and physical products such as books, t-shirts, and limited edition prints, also will be offered for sale alongside the film both at events and through the film’s website. “I learned from working closely with filmmakers like Edward Burns and Banksy that core fans want a more direct connection to films and filmmakers,” noted Schiller. No specific word yet on what the first film the company will work with is but we hear it was a crowd fave at SXSW this year.