Producer Jon Landau revealed today at the 2013 NAB Technology Summit on Cinema that Jim Cameron “will do performance capture in water” on the sequels to his 2009 Fox megahit. “We want to take advantage of the technologies brilliant people are putting out to make the next two movies even more emotionally engaging and visually tantalizing, and to really wrap up the story arc of our two main characters”, Landau said in his keynote chat today. The filmmakers are currently exploring technologies to allow for underwater capture of actors’ performances “because we can simulate it visually but can’t simulate it experientially for them”.

Landau also addressed the flailing VFX industry and recent bankruptcy of Rhythm & Hues. High overhead costs, fixed bidding, and staffing demands make for precarious financials for VFX houses. Landau urged them to be more competitive and clients to be more flexible. “The question becomes, how do we create more efficiencies? It might be a reduction of jobs to stay competitive… there are other ways to do it without taking advantage of people you’re working with”. The NAB show continues Monday through Thursday.