EXCLUSIVE: Oscar-nominated director and animator Timothy Reckart has signed with APA and The Gotham Group. Reckart specializes in stop-motion animation and gained acclaim earlier this year for Head Over Heels. The only Oscar-nominated animated short that was a student film, it examines a marriage from a unique perspective where the wife lives on the ceiling and the husband on the floor. It was his student thesis at the National Film & Television School in the UK. Reckart has a BA in history and literature from Harvard University and an MA in directing animation from the National Film & Television School.

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Reckhart joins several other APA newcomers, helmers who are capitalizing on short films as a way to catapult to features. They include Wes Ball, who is currently in pre-production on The Maze Runner for Fox and sold his short Ruin to the studio, and Clark Baker, who recently sold his short film Vessel to Paramount Insurge to direct the feature version.