Wolverine Vine TeaserLast week FilmDistrict was the first studio to use Twitter’s new looping app as a marketing tool. Here’s an even buzzier use of Vine: A 6-second “tweaser” (that’s Twitter teaser, or “TWZZR”) previewing Fox’s July 26 superhero pic Wolverine. Because Vine videos are playable within a Tweet the viral potential is huge. Even out of context, glimpses of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in action with his adamantium claws and a fan-baiting shot of Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey have created buzz on the social media platform ahead of tomorrow’s teaser trailer debut and full trailer on Wednesday. James Mangold directs the Japan-set X-Men spin-off. I hear Fox Chief Creative Officer Tony Sella coined the word “tweaser”, which Mangold Tweeted today. Watch the Vine promo here: