The MomentIn a vote of confidence for its upcoming aspirational reality series The Moment, USA Network is moving forward with casting for a potential second season ahead of the series premiere on April 11. Justin Hochberg and Charlie Ebersol’s Hochberg Ebersol Co., which produces The Moment, has begun the casting process for a second cycle in anticipation of a pickup. On the show, Kurt Warner, who didn’t make it into the NFL on his first try and had to work at a grocery store until finally landing a spot on the St. Louis Rams, gives men and women a second chance at reclaiming the career dreams they put on hold when their lives took an unexpected turn. Each week, someone is given the opportunity to pursue the career they’ve always wanted under the guidance of a mentor. “From the first moments of (Hochberg and Ebersol’s) pitch, we knew they were onto something that wasn’t just the right creative fit for the brand, but was also a fresh take on personal and inspirational storytelling,” USA Co-Presidents Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel said at the time of The Moment‘s pickup to series. The Moment marks USA’s re-entry into the unscripted area, which has been a priority for the top-rated cable network. It will be followed by Summer Camp in the summer and The Choir in the fourth quarter.