Probably feeling nostalgic with The Office wrapping production on its final season over the weekend, star Rainn Wilson yesterday posted a copy of the sign-in log for his Office audition almost 10 years ago, which provided a glimpse into who else tested for lead roles on the Emmy-winning NBC series. Wilson auditioned for both the Michael and Dwight roles. Adam Scott and Hamish Linklater read for Jim, Alan Tudyk for Michael, and Ever Carradine, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Anne Dudek for Pam. Jenna Fischer, who got the Pam role, is also on the sheet. According to Fischer, the producers tried out four candidates for each of the four central characters, mixing and matching them. That likely happened after Paul Giamatti, then-NBC boss Kevin Reilly’s top choice to play Michael Scott, passed. It was Stacey Snider, then chairwoman of Universal Pictures, who urged sibling NBC to cast Steve Carell in the role.