Discovery Channel said today that the All The President’s Men documentary from Robert Redford’s Sundance Productions and Partisan Pictures will premiere April 21 at 8 PM. First publicized last April when Redford opened his new company with producing partner Laura Michalchyshyn, the Peter Schnall-directed and -produced All The President’s Men Revisited examines the wide-ranging Watergate scandal that crippled and killed Richard Nixon’s presidency. Andrew Lack, Michalchyshyn and Redford are executive producers. Nancy Daniels and Denise Contis are executive producers for Discovery.

Redford of course starred with Dustin Hoffman in the 1976 feature All The President’s Men. That film was based on Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s bestselling book on the June 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee’s DC HQ at the Watergate complex and the deep corruption in the 37th President’s administration. Nixon eventually became the first president to resign from office in August 1974. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the reporters earning a Pulitzer Prize for their work. The documentary includes interviews with former Post executive editor Ben Bradlee, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart; NBC News’ Tom Brokaw; MSNBC host Joe Scarborough; Joan Felt, daughter of former FBI Deputy Director Mark “Deep Throat” Felt; and former Nixon deputy assistant Alexander Butterfield, the man who revealed the existence of the secret White House taping system.