Phil Brock TMAPhil Brock, who runs his own Studio Talent Group, stepped down from his elected post as president of the Talent Managers Association last night. He had served in the position since May 2011 and has been a member of the nonprofit organization for 18 years. He will remain a member. Artistic Endeavors’ Annet McCroskey, the TMA Board of Directors’ first VP, is stepping into the role as interim president until the group’s elections this summer. McCroskey said she will spearhead protective measures for underage clients in light of recent abuse controversies that have rocked the industry. “The TMA is actively involved in supporting legislative change such as the Child Protection Bill AB 1660, to protect minors working in the entertainment industry”, McCroskey told Deadline. Such initiatives may eventually include required fingerprinting and background checks on TMA member talent managers. McCroskey is also in prep for the group’s 12th Annual Heller Awards, which honor casting directors, agents, and managers and are held each fall.