Brian Brooks is a Deadline contributor.

Indie FilmsSundance Selects scored in the specialty arena this weekend, opening Gimme The Loot at its IFC Center in Greenwich Village with a solid $23,400. The movie, which IFC Films’ Sundance Selects label picked up last year out of the SXSW Film Festival, reported sold-out screenings Friday and Saturday nights, boosted by Q&As with former The Daily Show personality Wyatt Cenac. It premiered at MoMA on Tuesday with Sofia Coppola, Mike Birbiglia , Elizabeth Olsen, and Josh Safdie among the attendees. Loot next weekend will head to Chicago’s Music Box, L.A.’s NuArt and the Jacob Burns Center in Upstate New York. The Weinstein Company launched Cannes 2012 entrant The Sapphires in 4 NYC/LA theaters with a decent $10,232 average. Among other openers, Paladin debuted My Brother The Devil with two runs, averaging just over $6K. Starbuck is an original that DreamWorks Sudios is adapting to star Vince Vaughn. It was a hit at home north of the border, but opened comparatively quietly here, averaging $5,482 in three theaters. Next month, distributor eOne will take it to the top 30 to 50 markets. Archstone’s A Resurrection took in $7,250 at a single cinema.

IFC Films re-released On The Road in 42 theaters. The film, which debuted at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, initially bowed during the Christmas holidays in four theaters — officially an awards-qualifying run — averaging $10,800. Now officially in release, it averaged $2,500, across 42 theaters, by far the widest open among specialty newcomers.

And A24’s Spring Breakers became the first specialty release to carry over to the overall box office Top 10. Last week it was the biggest opener of the 2013 Specialty arena, averaging $90K in three theaters. Initial plans were to take the film to around 600 theaters in its second weekend, but the stellar opening propelled it into 1,104 locations. The Harmony Korine-directed feature starring James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez grossed just over $5.4 million, averaging $4,529. The next test for the movie that numerous critics have literally echoed in descriptions as a “fever dream” will come in the coming week, which will determine if it has staying power and broader appeal.


Gimme The Loot (Sundance Selects) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $23,400

The Happy Poet (Cinema Libre) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $2,084

Love And Honor (IFC Films) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $3K, Average $1,500

On The Road (IFC Films) NEW [42 Theaters] Weekend $105K

My Brother The Devil (Paladin) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $12,140, Average $6,070

A Resurrection (Archstone Distribution) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $7,250

The Sapphires (The Weinstein Company) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $40,927, Average $10,232

Starbuck (Entertainment One) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $16,446, Average $5,482


From Up On Poppy Hill (GKids) Week 2 [6 Theaters] Weekend $60,263, Average $10,044, Cume $132,497

Ginger & Rosa (A24 Films) Week 2 [34 Theaters] Weekend $102K, Average $3K, Cume $162,246

Reality (Oscilloscope) Week 2 [1 Theater] Weekend $8K, Average $4K, Cume $18,016

Spring Breakers (A24) Week 2 [1,104 Theaters] Weekend $5M, Average $4,529, Cume $5,406,858

Upside Down (Millennium Entertainment) Week 2 [39 Theaters] Weekend $26,013, Average $667, Cume $68,011


Beyond The Hills (Sundance Selects) Week 3 [6 Theaters] Weekend $8,400, Average $1,400, Cume $68,200

Emperor (Roadside Attractions) Week 3 [311 Theaters] Weekend $632,350, Average $2,033, Cume $2,035,413

Somebody Up There Likes Me (Tribeca Film) Week 3 [2 Theaters] Weekend $7,200, Average $ 3,600 Cume $58,502

Stoker (Fox Searchlight) Week 4 [275 Theaters] Weekend $356K, Average $1,294, Cume $1,127,325

Bless Me, Ultima (Arenas Entertainment) Week 5 [27 Theaters] Weekend $21,612, Average $1,029, Cume $1,512,403

Like Someone In Love (Sundance Selects) Week 7 [19 Theaters] Weekend $19K, Average $1K, Cume $180K

NO (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6 [60 Theaters] Weekend $207,844, Average $3,464, Cume $1,000,279

The Gatekeepers (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 8 [94 Theaters] Weekend $188,317, Average $2,003, Cume $1,607,011

Quartet (The Weinstein Company) Week 11 [425 Theaters] Weekend $592K, Average $1,393, Cume $15,928,229

Amour (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 14 [90 Theaters] Weekend $53,150, Average $591, Cume $6,589,682

The Impossible (Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate) Week 14 [123 Theaters] Weekend $72K, Average $585, Cume $18,731,455

Hyde Park On Hudson (Focus Features) Week 16 [20 Theaters] Weekend $10,999, Average $550, Cume $6,364,619