Formed to exploit content opportunities from the publisher’s prestige magazine stable, Conde Nast Entertainment has taken a big digital step forward by launching a video network that will be sponsored by P&G, Microsoft and Mondelez International. This comes after GQ rival Esquire moved to take over the G4 network. It’s all about struggling print magazines trying to evolve with the times. Here’s the official word:

Condé Nast Entertainment today launched a new digital video network with slates of original video series inspired by Glamour and GQ. These are the first in a sequence of premium branded programming launches on the network, which will feature the iconic Condé Nast brands. The Glamour and GQ series, and all future series, will be distributed widely across web, IPTV, mobile and tablet experiences, beginning with the newly created video destinations on their official sites, and, as well as YouTube channels, and The creation of this digital network and the distribution of its programming across multiple platforms will extend the reach of the legendary Condé Nast brands to a broader audience. The Glamour and GQ branded series launches are sponsored exclusively by Procter & Gamble, Microsoft and Mondelēz International. The announcement was made by Dawn Ostroff, president, Condé Nast Entertainment.

“With the launch of our digital network, featuring programming inspired by the exceptional Condé Nast brands, we are creating more ways for our unparalleled audience of influencers and trendsetters to experience their favorite content,” said Ostroff. “Consumers will now be able to view and share authentic Condé Nast video series across all platforms, in easily-accessible ways.”

“Partnering with Condé Nast Entertainment on the launch of these exciting entertainment series enables us to reach people in an innovative way. We are continually exploring new approaches to engage consumers where and when they are most receptive. This sponsorship allows us to be at the forefront of the fast paced and ever-changing environment of consumer experience” said Julie Eddleman, marketing director US Brand Operations, P&G.

“There has never been a more exciting time to work with companies like Condé Nast,” said Robin Steinberg, executive vice president, Director Publishing Investment and Activation at MediaVest. “When great story-tellers enter the digital video space it creates new opportunities for our clients to tell their own very powerful stories that effectively engage consumers. They understand that this type of human connection and experience can drive sales.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Procter & Gamble, Microsoft and Mondelēz International as our launch partners. Their commitment to join us in this new business is validation that the marketplace for premium video content is primed for growth like never before,” said Fred Santarpia, executive vice president and chief digital officer, Condé Nast Entertainment. “Their partnership with CNE further illustrates their positions as thought leaders in engaging consumers in new and innovative ways. We look forward to collaborating with them as our business continues to grow and evolve.”

Each series will have multiple episodes available at launch and be housed in a new, custom embeddable video player. Future episodes of each series will be released on a weekly basis.

The Glamour slate of programming features the following series:

Elevator Makeover – In this weekly series, hosts Jessica Harlow (YouTube Beauty Guru with 450,000 subscribers) and Theodore Leaf (Hairstylist and Glamour contributor) take one girl on the elevator ride of her life. Each girl has a huge event to attend and Jessica and Theodore make sure they step off that elevator looking their best. This transformation will be made on the elevator in the time it takes for them to get from the ground to the top.

Glamour DOs and DON’Ts of the Week – This clever, useful and funny series takes a look at what is hot and what is not. The show counts down the Top Dos & Don’ts of the week. Everything from fashion trends to beauty, social media behavior to PDAs, weddings to birthday celebrations and more will be explored, and no topic is off limits.

Fashion Week Ride-Along – This show follows Cindi Leive, editor in chief of Glamour, as she embarks on the craziest week of her year – New York Fashion Week. Follow Cindi from her home to the front lines of the fashion world with a behind-the-scenes view that fashion lovers everywhere will not want to miss.

Why Do Guys… – Glamour sends different comedians (including Marina Franklin and Katlyn Carlson) out to the streets of New York City to find out what men really think (but never say!) about dating and relationships in the digital age. This interactive series will enable Glamour fans to send in their questions via Twitter.

The GQ slate of programming features the following series:

Fighting Weight – In this weekly workout guide, America’s fitness elite will share their favorite routines, tips and secrets that helped them become the most sought-after trainers in the business. The series will look at everything from a circuit workout that can be done in a hotel room when viewers are on the road, to some of the latest exercise trends like Hot Yoga. With these three minute workouts, viewers will have their own trainers on their mobile devices, and will stay ahead of the fitness curve. The series is hosted by Erik Valdez, who viewers will recognize from his appearances on “General Hospital,” “90210” and “New Girl.”

The Ten – Today’s hottest “it” guys count down the ten items they can’t live without. From Swiss Army pocket knives and hair gel, to work gloves and leather jackets, each episode reveals a new favorites list. With celebs like Andy Cohen and Alejandro Ingelmo, and culinary masters like Anthony Bourdain and Rocco DiSpirito, this series takes viewers into the lives of some of the most sought-after gentlemen and gives the average guy a leg up on the ten things he must have.

Car Collectors – The biggest car collectors, including fan favorite Adam Carolla, share their car collections and obsessions with viewers. These aren’t just any car collections, however, these are collections with exclusive and hard to find cars that can take a lifetime to find.

Jogging with James – James Marshall, a stylish adventurer-entrepreneur now married to supermodel, Elettra Wiedemann, is embarking on the challenge of running the Marathon de Sable. With thousands of training miles ahead of him, James has asked his celebrity friends to support him. Viewers will learn their perspectives on health and fitness and the projects they currently have in the works. This is a talk show for on the run!