A new UK broadcast drama rivalry played out on Monday as ITV’s Broadchurch kicked off at 9pm, going head-to-head with the BBC’s Mayday. The five-part Mayday started its run on Sunday night, drawing 6.23M viewers, and will air over consecutive evenings this week. The contemporary ensemble is centered around a Mayday parade where a local girl goes missing. But on Monday, the show shed viewers who flocked to ITV for Broadchurch which stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman and will air on BBC America later this year. The eight-part drama explores what happens to a small coastal community when a media frenzy comes to town after a young boy is murdered and scored 6.15M viewers with an extra 716,000 on +1. Mayday in turn tumbled to 4.3M. Both shows received strong reviews in Britain and both are produced by Kudos Film and Television, part of Elisabeth Murdoch’s Shine Group. Mayday does not yet have a U.S. broadcaster.