Here I thought that the only objectionable Super Bowl spit-swapping commercial was the spot highlighted by Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli’s smooch session with that computer nerd Walter! There was another Super Bowl spot with another famous person playing tonsil hockey with an unlikely partner that aired during the Big Game. But the spot that Will Ferrell made for Old Milwaukee beer was regional and so it likely gagged far fewer people than the Go-Daddy national spot. Below, check out Will Ferrell, who seems to have saved his outfit from 2008 hoops film Semi-Pro just for the occasion. As for the Go-Daddy spot, forget Ravens QB Joe Flacco and his MVP trophy, the big Super Bowl winner was that nerdy dude Walter. Here was a guy who didn’t look like he could throw a spiral to save his life–he actually looked like he had never been outside–in full make-out mode with one of the world’s most gorgeous women, on one of the most watched TV programs in history. Which of these Super Bowl make-out sessions is harder to watch? You decide. Oh, the humanity: