BREAKING: Looks like Warner Bros now has a handle on Spy Hunter, the action film based on the best selling vidgame The studio, which has attached Ruben Fleischer to direct the film, just closed a deal with Carter Blanchard to write the script. Dan Lin and Roy Lee are producing. Fleischer most recently helmed Gangster Squad for the studio and directed Zombieland. Blanchard wrote Glimmer, a spec script that sold to DreamWorks and now has Ringan Ledwidge directing.

The video game has had a long history of film development, with turns taken on versions with Dwayne Johnson and directors including John Woo and Paul W.S. Anderson. Mark Bauch will be co-producer and Doug Davison will be exec producer along with John Middleton and Fleischer. Blanchard is repped by Paradigm and Madhouse, while Fleischer is repped by UTA.